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 About Us
       At Oasis Integrated Care, Dr. Vania Castillo, M.D. is committed to provide a holistic approach to manage the concerns and issues that are afflicting you from the comfort of your home.
     Dr. Castillo focuses on providing the most comprehensive approach offering you Psychotherapeutic, Pharmacological and Social interventions to help with life style changes,relationship, and work problems helping you resolve the difficulties in a rapid, and integrated way.  
     Dr. Castillo also has expertise in the management of people with Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder, Depression, the elderly (People over 65 years old) and their families, to help them to achieve the highest level of functioning and cope with their illness.
    We would welcome the opportunity to help you and your loves ones without having to deal with traffic, finding a parking spot or getting into a crowded subway.
Dr. Castillo can be reached by clicking and making an appointment now.
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