Oasis Integrated Care - Excellent Personalized Comprehensive PsychiatricTreatment online
1. Comprehensive Biological and Psychotherapy Treatment of individuals with schizophrenia and bipolar illnesses and their families.
2. Resolution of anxiety and major depressive disorder, often without need for medication treatment.
3. Resolution of problems with  recurrent self defeating or self destructive patterns.
4. On-Site and Telepsychiatry Consultations, management and second opinions at Office, Home, Hospital,  Universities, Nursing Facilities or Adult Homes.
5.Comprehensive Biological, Psychotherapy and Social interventions to treat  illnesses affecting the Elderly, their caregivers and family.
6. Chronotherapy (a Biological treatment based on the timing of the internal biological clock or cyrcadian rhythm) including bright light therapy, wake therapy, sleep phase advance, triple chronotherapy process (involves all the three methods previously mentioned), Melatonine therapy and negative air ionization.  Chronotherapy can be applied to treat the following conditions: Depression (seasonal and non seasonal), Bipolar Disorder (seasonal and non seasonal), Insomnia,  Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Parkinson's Disease, sometimes reducing or eliminating the need for medication.
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